Hours of Operations and Fees


I am available for treatments and initial consultations at Kihei Physical Therapy on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon from 2pm to 7pm.
Please call/text/email me to make an appointment.

Follow-up treatments are possible in Wailuku.

By appointment only.


The initial consultation involves a short but thorough case taking and a review of your medical history. Each session will start with an assessment of your specific discomfort or pain and the changes since the last treatment. The duration of a session is 45 – 60 min depending on the assessment and the immediate reactions of your body. I often give physical or spiritual homework in order to support your body in its healing process.


I accept Workers’ Comp and Motor Vehicle Accident Insurances. Talk to your insurance provider before your first appointment and make sure the costs are covered and to have your No-fault claim number. Please bring the referral from your physician. He will include the diagnosis codes for your condition and outline the time for which care is approved.
Certain healthcare plans ASH/HUMANA/KAISER include massage therapy. Please call your health insurance and inquire if a referral from your doctor is required and make sure you get the form before your first consultation.

Costs and Payment

I accept cash and personal checks and credit cards. If you like to pay your session with Paypal please do so before your session.

$120 per session


Find me in Kihei and Wailuku